Witten – Muttental – Zeche Hermann Schacht Margarethe 03

Witten - Muttental - Zeche Hermann Schacht Margarethe 03

In the Muttental the first coal should have been found in the Ruhr area.

The dismantling of the coal began about in 1510 in the opencast mining, the first documentary mention is found for 1552 in the court records of the nearby castle Hardenstein.

Today the historical role of the Muttentals becomes by the mining footpath establish in 1972 Muttental, the industrial museum open in 2003 a colliery Nachtigall and different industrial-historical museum locations returned.

Other places of interest near the valley are the ruin of the castle Hardenstein, the castle Steinhausen and the pits and field railway museum colliery Theresia.

Seen her the wooden shaft Margarethe of colliery Hermann, rebuild 2009.

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